‘Blue Lagoon’ sensation Christopher Atkins wants a ‘highly sexual’ girl

April 13, 2021 | 9:22am

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Page Six classified ads.

“The orange Lagoon” sensation Christopher Atkins are solitary and ready to mingle, advising Page Six he’s looking for special someone whos up in order to have love twice daily.

“Very erectile,” the 60-year-old star quipped once need exactly what female he’d choose to get, putting, “Sorry, I’m definitely erotic.”

But — for those potential women — “as occasion passes by, however, it is attending expire down to maybe once [a day],” the guy uncovered.

Atkins likewise believed the man needs an individual who can put up with his own “spontaneous craziness.”

“I want lady, certainly no drama, I’m too-old just for the,” this individual explained. “A female that loves to chuckle, is impulsive … must be available and why by open is I believe that a great connection happens to be how nutritious their intimacy is actually and the reason by closeness isn’t sex, however, the capability to show yourself on a romantic base without decision and teasing.”

Christopher Atkins is seen in “The Azure Lagoon.” Bettmann Archive

Atkins says he’s a serial monogamist, discussing that he is partnered for two decades to Australian unit Lyn Barron, mom of his own adult kids allow and Brittney. After they split, he had relations with two girls, one that made it through seven decades together with the other four.

Atkins, just who spent my youth in Rye, NY, am a mysterious product when he was actually cast other Brooke guards in “The green Lagoon,” about shipwrecked counterparts exactly who see adore and gender while residing a separated warm isle.

The 1980 flick had been forced by experts, but would be a package workplace hit and debatable because of its articles and full-frontal nudity.

Christopher Atkins says they haven’t expressed to Brooke defenses in a long time. Columbia Photographs

Couple of years after, he or she removed off once again for Playgirl magazine right after which made an appearance on “Dallas” as a move instructor. This individual expended a lot of time clothed in Speedos, which required a stern note from executives.

“I got a phone call from the boss and that he states, ‘i simply had gotten a call from the system and they’re asking you to quit filling the Speedos.’ That’s a real journey,” the man marveled. “i did son’t have any idea just what stuffing was at that point. I Found Myself slightly old-fashioned Rye son.”

Christopher Atkins wears one of his true greatest Speedos on “Dallas.” ©Lorimar Film Entertainment/Courtesy Everett Lineup

Atkins continues to behaving and has now “one much more package that I’m chasing contained in this sales.”

“I absolutely would like to construct a home through the ground up,” this individual points out. “Write, develop, immediate, all that and I’ve obtained a few things most, extremely near that I’m stoked up about.”

He also accepts to getting consistently hit on as a teen idol but says that there comprise additional offers from males than people, saying that homosexual men are “my largest fan base.”

Atkins recall that gay guy would make an attempt to bring him or her to “switch teams.”

“I would say, ‘we don’t understand first thing about it’ understanding that only hook them up. ‘Well, I’ll display!’”

Christopher Atkins happens to be a doting grandpa. Instagram

For the moment, he’s delighted getting a grandpa to three men, exuberantly explaining themselves as “the most useful” grandpa.

“Blue Lagoon” star Christopher Atkins is looking for romance. Getty photographs; WireImage

“I take them serpent hunting, most of us camp, angling, games golf ball, wrestle continually, we’ve got a blast,” he says. “They’re a whole lot a lot of fun.”